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Manx Fuel Taps

(Wine Glass style) Prices on application - call Paul on 01732 668089


Fuel Taps
Fuel Taps


These are direct copies of the wine glass shaped tap in brass for pre-war bikes.

All details are correct as far as possible to the originals with the exception of the tapered pin which is made in high grade silver steel. This helps to prevent the fine scoring found on brass taps and is also stronger in the thread and split pin area. 'O' ring seals are fitted to help prevent fuel from weeping out from either side of this design of tap.

The tap has a nice quality appearance and feel to it and all parts are CNC machined before being carefully de-burred and blended by hand.  Fine details such as the correct grooving for the fibre sealing washer (not supplied), brass fuel gauze, rectangular sectioned spring, camplate and split pin details make this the nearest copy to an original item.

For prices or to make a purchase, call Paul on 01732 668089. Payment can be by cheque made payable to Paul Smith Engineering or BACS by arrangement.

Alternatively send an email to: paulsmithengineering@gmail.com